Amarla Hotels, Cartagena, Colombia


Escape to Old World Charm in Cartagena

Nestled in the heart of Cartagena’s lively Old City, Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena is a secret sanctuary that whisks travellers back to the golden age of colonial architecture and style.

Founded by British hoteliers Asher Warr and Robin Faulkner, Amarla Hotels is pioneering boutique hospitality in Central and South America. Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena was their first property, opening in a restored 17th century mansion. Unassuming from the street, inside is an unexpected oasis of calm located on Calle Ayos. The brand’s original hotel has been voted one of the best boutique stays in Cartagena.

Known as the darling of Cartagena’s creative set, the hotel cemented the Old Town’s reputation as one of Colombia’s hottest cultural destinations. Owners Warr and Faulkner carefully designed each inch of the intimate seven-room sanctuary. Art and culture reign supreme, with decor inspired by local flavors – original Colombian crafts, indigenous bird motifs, and amenities from plant-based brand Loto del Sur. The hotel champions sustainability, using no single-use plastics and supporting social enterprises.

In the lobby and rooms, attention to detail and design take cues from the Spanish colonial era. Touches like silk kimonos and lush greenery add modern flair. Outdoors, a rooftop pool offers sweeping city views and al fresco dining at the trendy restaurant and bar.

The hotel sits within Cartagena’s UNESCO World Heritage walled city, known for well-preserved colonial buildings, sun-soaked streets and lush tropical greenery. Creative and thoughtful, Amarla Boutique Hotel brings to life the rich history and artistic spirit of Cartagena – an escape to old world charm.

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