Brittany Ferries new LNG powered ferry will sail from Rosslare to Bilbao twice a week.

Brittany Ferries' Salamanca to Sail Rosslare-Bilbao

Brittany Ferries have announced the introduction of their new LNG powered ferry to the Ireland-Spain route allowing for passenger travel.

Previously the Connemara ran this route but was mainly a freight ferry thus not suited to holiday traffic.

Sailing from Rosslare in Ireland’s southeast to Bilbao in northern Spain, the crossing will take approximately 28-32 hours and will sail twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays.

During the rest of the week, Salamanca will sail to Cherbourg in France from the Irish port.

Powered by LNG (liquified natural gas) will mean a reduction in carbon emissions of approximately 25% but more importantly for a ship in port there will be almost no sulphur oxides and 85% fewer nitrogen oxides.

And for those looking for a quiet, relaxed night’s sleep the gas powered engines will be quieter and smoother.

Brittany Ferries new LNG powered ferry will sail from Rosslare to Bilbao twice a week.

Accommodation must be booked and in traditional ferry fashion this can be anything from a reclining seat through to a deluxe cabin.

For more information see the Brittany Ferries website.

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